Working with COMENGIP

We are absolutely not bureaucrats; we are agents of the field spread across Senegal and the diaspora working to deliver the promise of sustainability in development.
Our partnership in technical assistance and agricultural and rural extension are timely and accessible to local farmers and entrepreneurs in ways they would not otherwise have the opportunity to gain exposure to the wealth of opportunities gathered within COMENGIP, over the years.

Send us your request for partnership and please specify the nature of your request with the most relevant information on your needs related to the partnership at sight. Unspecified requests are not guaranteed of diligent response. After assessment of your request one of our members will contact you by mail (postal / e-mail) and if need be, arrange an appointment to discuss your request.
For people wishing to work with COMENGIP as volunteers, field workers or other positions, please specify your areas of expertise to better assess your potential according to our areas of interests.

Member of GEF NN since 1997
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