Practices make concepts

These are the words of Borom DeurBi. He also stated "with a little patience and good organization, Allah will do the rest". That thought sounding like the philosophy of his life, reveals all the realism and faith of the Sheikh.
Indeed, in 1930 at the age of 22, he founded the village of Darou Rahman (who has the same name as his birthplace) five kilometers away from south of Touba. In 1941, surrounded by a few disciples, he laid the foundations of what will be the most popular brand, "DeurBi" (meaning the orchard or the garden).
Starting with almost nothing, in three years, he turned a savannah into a true oasis. At that time, site could not grow anything but shrubs and was inhabited only by wild
animals. By cutting a few trees and selling the wood to the local Mbacke Baol market, the pioneers was then able to buy, with such sale, shovels, pickaxes and spades to clear and level the land harvest. With full confidence of his men, Sheikh Abdoulahi divided his staff into different sections ranging from administration to sales, through handling and stewardship without counting those who were responsible for the selection and management of seeds and crops. The Sheikh was responsible for the engineering, studies and coordination.
Without the vigilance and dedication of DeurBi Borom, the first years at Darou Rahman would have been a real hassle time. Instead Serigne Abdou with his great generosity, offered to all employees and their entire family, housing and food, gave them clothes and paid their taxes. Also, himself he dispensed care to them when they were suffering, in short, he gave them everything necessary to keep them away from any concern for moral or material purpose.

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