Partnership works

Due to the benevolent and voluntary nature of the work we do (understanding how our well-being is dependent upon our ability to empower those who grow and produce our food and therefore the need to channel unto them the resources they need to keep carrying on), our members are all experts in their respective fields and as we address the challenges of sustainable development, we tend to review the whole process: the system as a whole represents more than just the sum of its individual elements.

The lightweight partnership we are talking about is a consensual decision-making process towards local, regional to international collaborations addressing one or more cross-cutting aspect of sustainable development, including but not limited to capacity building, extension services, selective information technology adaptation and transfer. Therefore COMENGIP partnership is an open lab collaboration from project formulation, needs assessment to grant writing with due follow ups associating other groups, organizations, NGOs, CBOs and CSOs.

Working with multiple stakeholders requires a so-caled cultural competency we do reckon with.

Member of GEF NN since 1997
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