Comengip References

Under recent partnerships in Southernmost parts of Senegal, our team members have conducted commodities yields assessment with local farming groups of Bignona, Djibanar, Goudomp and Kedougou with consistent informations over income generating potentials for Sorel (hibiscus sabdarifa), cashew nuts, Jatropha curcas and alike...To date, such critical data paved us the way for a road map of needs and development prospects to work on.

Similar partnership models on the way with Guinea Bissau, Mali, Niger and  Cameroon to name a few.

Overall, through mutual partnership protocols with local constituencies: Community Supported Farming, Education, and National Dialogue Initiatives for better use of GEF (Global Environmental Facility) resources are being undertaken within a wide range to instill environmentally sound local community development programs. Contact us for partnership requests to work on.

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