Comengip References

To date site is expected to host a community learning center in traditional farming methods in light of current environmental breakthroughs...

APECSY Permaculture Project after the 3rd Ecocity Conference Dakar in 1996:

Project brought in Thomas Mack (Permaculture Consultant) from San Diego (CA) to teach attendees at Yoff Village in Senegal, permaculture techniques in a yet traditional framework... To date community organisations derived from that above lead and are evolving around sustainability, housing, education, solar energy and microcredit. 

Community Nutrition Project/PROGECOM, Dakar-Kaolack-SENEGAL 1998:

In collaboration with local municipalities and community based organisations, workshops were undertaken with prominent women participation in order to assess community nutrition needs and early childhood development constraints. Following those workshops it came out among other recommendations, the need to support local food production units around some already identified local entrepreneurs' concepts.

Rice producers of the Senegal river valley: Socioeconomic impact analysis for local rice promotion through community supported nutrion campaign in 1998, Jatropha experiences in Linguere and Moringa fields in Mekhe as well, pave us the way for a road map of needs and development prospects to work on. 

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