Comengip References

From a historic perspective, Africa has more been spoken about than it has itself spoken from its own perspectives and such data is still missing.

Below is a partial summary of affiliations with whom COMENGIP has worked and/or is undertaking work:

The Global Environment Facility /GEF (joint World Bank, UNDP, UNEP…)
Australian Revegetation Corporation-Australia- Seed testing and development by Kawsara Kahone-Kaolack.
The Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA) via Life Academy fellow
network of 1998
The European Commission through Agmin-Italy (EC)
Strategy First llc in Washington DC
Member of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Member of the Infodev IDISC World Bank affiliate Incubator network development

Following is a partial summary of programmes and projects in which COMENGIP has been involved or is in the process of doing so:

Daaray lamp International community farming scheme in Kaolack-SENEGAL- That community farming project in Kaolack served as an open Laboratory to experiment some seasonal crops behaviors in the early 1993 at Kawsara Kahone.

Member of GEF NN since 1997
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