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Comengip stands for sustainable development alternatives, prompt and accurate reporting and bottom up approaches, strong work ethic, and has developed a reputation as a trusted partner for many of the developing world’s community and grassroot organizations and most respected development organisations, partners and suppliers.Sometimes only forwarding a request for support, funding, or a joint partnership request, any of these can help improve the conditions of our local communities...That is the reason why due to the exposure we have, COMENGIP sees itself as a one stop broker in development assistance, having an understanding of what matters most in project formulation, design and monitoring.

In most instances, due to the lack of edited information, digitized results or simply non translated and misinterpreted information and content relevant to community development achievements or lack thereof, our grassroot endeavors are not doing us a favor...Therefore you understand how good it is to stay abreast and demonstrate some visibility in the arena of development partners...To be there, to be heard, to be seen or simply to be read...But then what is the content? our content?

Member of GEF NN since 1997
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