Community ownership

Beside the rhetoric of country ownership, after decades of development agenda, what can we really pinpoint as a success story?
As furthermore discussed in a detailed post hereby, development assistance model is still a top down approach. And because impact monitoring only among other measurable indicators can tell us what’s going on in terms of achievements, it simply does not make sense that after supposedly billions of dollars spent in development, Africa and elsewhere in the developing world we still don’t have proper access to water and practical road infrastructures easing the burden of mobility of people and

Needless to say that community ownership then is one of basic tenet. To date, the importance of community, beyond country ownership, in advancing development, is being admitted broadly by donors and countries…
It did not take the recent financial crisis worldwide to teach our farmers that the future is in their hands. Our own governments failed us when it comes to strategic development choices and models the last decades including in times of structural adjustments programs imposed on us by the Bretton woods institutions...
Tremendous needs in community empowerment led us to addressing Community Ownership through pilot villages we are working with since we believe:

  1. New endogenous cooperative schemes give control to the community.
  2. They are democratically administered by the community.
  3. They encourage active citizenship by individuals within.
  4. They act like a One Stop center model for long-term thinking
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