African Youth takes on Agribusiness! Paving the way for Youth Leadership

Time is of essence as far as African inclusive growth. And it’s at the Ridge Opera Hall of the  Alisa Hotel in Accra that the Networking dinner took place this May 19th with a parterre of the YALI’ fellows, of the leaders of African’ Agriculture. Abdoulaye Toure took the floor on several occasions highlighting the #readiness of the African Agricultural Research and Development infrastructure to welcome its talented youth considering a career in farming value chain and cross-cutting areas…

The West Africa Agricultural #Productivity Programme (#WAAPP/PPAAO) started in 2008, aims at contributing to sustainable increases in agricultural productivity in national and regional priority sectors. Spearheaded by the Economic Community of West African States (#ECOWAS) with the aim of contributing to the implementation of the Agricultural Policy (ECOWAP), in accordance with the Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Programme (#CAADP). The CORAF/WECARD Strategic Plan led to extensive #consultations with diverse #stakeholders representing the entirety of the West and Central African #Agricultural (WCA) Research system. It is estimated that the sub-region has about 318 million inhabitants, among whom about 70% live on agricultural activities. By increasing the major african crop yields between 30% and 150%, WAAPP proven impact on food security and caloric intake have raised the bar, with caloric consumption rising from 2,777 kcals to 2,964 kcals and the “hunger period” reduced anywhere from 28 to 55% based on the commodity. WAAPP has also contributed to increase by 34% the economic situation of target farmers and actors in West Africa.

To the group of #Nigerian Youth #Farmers who  took the floor, among whom,  one  already in the  market with his nutritious brand  grit  products  besides other ready-for-consumption engineered products, one cannot stress it more, Karl Marx made the slogan “#proletarians of all countries unite” we can likewise say out loud: ”Youth in Agribusiness of all countries unite now!

Let’s do it.. Throughout countrywide Youth Consultations venues! Yes we can…

               M. Demba Ndiaye

Consultant IEC ComDev WAAPP Mali

    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Member of GEF NN since 1997
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