African Youth takes on Agribusiness! Paving the way for Youth Leadership

African youth post-independence era in the 1960s had to grapple more with the image of a “farmer” with all the preconceived ideas of poverty than its today’s counterparts, over the idea that farming doesn’t feed its tenants anymore, that agriculture has no acquaintance so far with business modeling, marketing and market segmentation, landscaping?.. How about environmental, #socio-demographic data aggregation? The issue becomes even more startling when you correlate agriculture with international migrations stemming from food scarcity and #environmental degradation among its mere causes, leading to major world #crisis and unrest of any kind…

The above picture is new and well-understood as far as the #Millennials AKA the Millennial Generation or Generation Y, often abbreviated to Gen Y. Most researchers and commentators use birth years ranging from the early 1980s to around 2000 to identify the hybrid audience.

Visionaries as well understood dearly, how such a peculiar demographic, above and beyond all the consumer society forecasted half a century ago about its specifics, might be like…

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