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For the first time in the 90s, when the World Bank expressed concerns over environmental affairs, it appeared definitely weird to admit that the world financier was serious…Over time, through some forms of institutional commitments and research interests to environmental impact assessment in development, and then later on launch of Environmentally & Socially Sustainable Development department (ESSD), we can finally begin to accept its straightforwardness in the paradigm shift happening right before our eyes.

How long did it take to the donor community to understand that no development can happen if the environmental base is not taken care of properly?

What does uncontrolled aid do to endogenous development potentials?

Is education, training and likewise apprenticeship models vital to community development?

What are the demographic and socioeconomic features of the producers in Africa at large?

Why, in spite of billions of dollars invested in the arena of agricultural production, there are still stark food shortage forecasts?

Does production equate productivity?

The answer of the above questionings leads straight up to what is called the lost decades of development… Indeed understanding at each corner of the problem how to address critical organizational and methodical processes, is the work COMENGIP is invested in since mid-nineties, through a diverse and flexible partnership combinations along the agricultural and rural development value chain.


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